Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

Shayne will be a special guest celebrity presenter at this prestigious show in the USA in September 2014. Here is what Kerry Vincent, co-founder of the show had to say about him recently:

“The rules and regulations have now been completed for the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and will be posted on the web site shortly when Grace McMillan can make time in her busy schedule — we love her! In the meantime let me tease you with the announcement of our presenters! Shayne Greenman and Ceri DD Griffiths, both amazing artists, America has yet to be introduced to Shayne a long-time friend of mine with a resume as long as your arm and mastery of many disciplines, chocolate, royal icing, decorative bread making, wedding cake design and sculpting and Ceri, you all know, will set about creating a cake showing royal icing skills. Royal icing has recently seen a resurgence of interest and it is about time as far as I am concerned and I am eager to have him share those techniques. Let the countdown begin!”

More here about Shayne’s work at the Oklahoma Sugar Show

Facebook page for the OSSAS

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